"Oleksandr Pushkarenko belongs to the Pleiades of young talented violinists of the new generation.
Furthermore, he feels free in different genres of the violin literature from the small forms to great pieces such as concerto, sonata...
Oleksandr Pushkarenko is in possession of remarkable violin qualities: brilliant technique, warm and powerful sound, excellent intonation..."
                       Salvatore Accardo (Cremona, Italy)



                             The time is really not a grace

                   If Prose on Parnassus dares to grow,

                Leaving for Poetry the only space -

            The hair of Maestro's bow!

                                            O. Pushkarenko

"Je trouve que Oleksandr Pushkarenko possède un talent exceptionnel avec une vraie sensibilité musicale; à mon avis il a toutes les qualités de base pour devenir un violoniste extraordinaire."
                      Tibor Varga (Sion, Switzerland, 2001)



Subject: Brilliant display

"Dear Oleksandr Pushkarenko,
I was very impressed with your performance of your Grand caprice."

Aaron Rosand (e-mail conversation, 16/02/2016)


I think that the Oleksandr Pushkarenko's way of playing the violin without  using of any supporting tools such as a shoulder rest and a chin rest, provides an unique opportunity to feel the violin as deeply as possible, first of all and that is especially interesting in the virtuoso level repertoire such as works written by Paganini.

                                              Bruce Carlson curator-violinmaker of the Paganini's violin by Joseph Guarnerius 'del Gesù’ “the Cannon” of 1743. (Cremona, Italy)

“Oleksandr Pushkarenko is a very talented young violinist with a very fine sound and a solid technique. He has a high level of musicianship…"

                                                      Mikhail Kopelman

(Professor of Violin at the Eastman School of Music, USA)

“I could definitely say that presentation of Oleksandr Pushkarenko was overall strong, musically interesting, and full of excitement.”

                                                             Florin Croitoru

"Oleksandr Pushkarenko is the young violinist, who  came to perfect to Genoa for be able to discover the secrets of the art of the Paganini's violin technique. We say he is one of the few violinists in the world  adopting the same posture as Paganini..."
                                 Michele Trenti - Vice President of the Association "Amici di Paganini".

Oleksandr Pushkarenko: «Paganini? Un punto di svolta»


Giulia Cassini 01 Ottobre 2019                                                                        Leggi di più

L'Ancora, Acqui Terme

29 Settembre 2019

La Rassegna della Fondazione De Rothschild

Il Duo Pushkarenko - Privitera: una gemma nella stagione.


The Strad

11 April 2018

Paganini International Violin Competition: the finalists



Città della Spezia

Martedì 25 Luglio 2017

Pushkarenko, proprio come Paganini. A Framura la dimostrazione.


(AGI) Castel Rigone (Perugia), 21 lug

Musica: al Festival di Castel Rigone serata dedicata al violino.


ANSA - GENOVA, 20 Luglio 2017

Pushkarenko vince premio nazionale delle Arti.



Paganini's rewievs (March 22, 2013)


 Friday, March 22 in the small and extremely suggestive Diplomatic Reception Room of Palazzo Tursi, where is kept the Guarneri del Gesu's violin that belonged to the greatest violinist (N.Paganini), our Association has gotten a guest – Oleksandr Pushkarenko, young Ukrainian violinist, moved to Genoa to explore the performance practice and interpretation of Paganini at the Conservatory Niccolo' Paganini, to perfected, under the guidance of Mario Trabucco (the curator of the Paganini's violin), and at the same time with Salvatore Accardo at the Stauffer Academy in Cremona. As part of a lecture-concert, Pushkarenko highlighted absolutely remarkable instrumental skills, combined with a perfect stylistic consistency, competing in the first half, with the famous set of Paganini's variations "Nel cor più non mi sento" ("In the heart no longer feel") on the theme from the opera La Molinara by G. Paisiello. In the second part Pushkarenko proposed the premiere of his own variations "Sol Invictus", on the theme of the famous neapolitan song "O' sole mio" by Eduardo Di Capua and this work reflects a view that the violinist calls "practical Paganini's path" focused on the study of the nature of compositional language and executive technic of Paganini. Regarding the performance practice derivated from Paganini, Oleksandr Pushkarenko proposes a very particular point, it's distinctive features are the rejection of the use of the optional set for supporting of the instrument (chin rest, shoulder rest, ect.), and the low setting of the shoulders, hands and the instrument itself, in other words, the recreation of the Paganini's executive setting not known in the violin schools of the twentieth century and in the contemporary examples. This setting gives to all Pushkarenko's repertoire the high quality. Also the compositional language of his Variations on "O' sole mio" is strongly oriented to the romantic imposed on the concert scene by Paganini with the tour with the big Themes and Variations, which has revolutionized the kinds of physiognomy. Pushkarenko imposes himself as an emerging personality of the violin world...


Michele Trenti (translated from italian by O. Pushkarenko)


"L'INVITO" (N 107, May 2013)


   On April 4, as announced, began Spring Concerts at the Royal Palace. The first we saw was  the main violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko who presented a program almost entirely Paganinian with the addition of one of his (Pushkarenko's) compositions "Sol Invictus" (Introduction and Variations on the song "O' sole mio").  Pushkarenko, who got a great success played without  the chin rest and the shoulder rest bringing back an executive setting  fallen into disuse for a long time that gives the artist an aura very special and out of the ordinary.


(translated from italian by O. Pushkarenko)



October 28, 2013

Capriccio  "Zeneise"  for Paganini

The new and curious tribute to Niccolò Paganini at the end of the ceremony of dedicating the square of San Biagio to the great Genoese violinist and unveiling of memorial work "Imaginary portrait of a genius" by artist Franco Repetto. The young Ukrainian violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko gave the guests of the ceremony  his Gran capriccio   "Zeneise" composed  for the occasion on the theme of "Ma se ghe penso."


(translated from italian by O. Pushkarenko)

la Repubblica, 4 April 2013

All the quartets of Mozart marathon at the Ducale Palace

...First meeting (Royal Palace) with the Ukrainian young violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko, who performed recently with success at the Carlo Felice, with the Theatre Orchestra, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Sibelius...


Roberto Iovino  (translated from italian by O. Pushkarenko)

The Day newspaper, Kyiv (N° 60)

7 April 2010

Violin and candle

...Sounded Paganini - Caprice in A minor for solo violin, and Oleksandr Pushkarenko performance captivated the audience with sincere and virtuosic performance...


Olga Savitska (translated from ukrainian by O. Pushkarenko)



Berner Zeitung.

Montag, 12 November 2001



Kleiner Geiger mit grossem Ton

  Olexandr Pushkarenko ist 12 Jahre alt (tippfehler, eigentlich 11 Jahre alt - O. P.) und spielt erst seit fünf Jahren Geige. Doch im Berner Casino entlockte der Ukrainer seinem Instrument einen Gesang, der an grosse Meister der Violine erinnerte.

  Ein wenig schüchtern wirkte Olexandr Pushkarenko schon, als er mit seiner Geige das Podium des Berner Casinos betrat. Die vielen Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer erwarteten den Auftritt eines neuen Wunderkindes, und der 12-jährige Ukrainer schien diesen Erwartungsdruck zu
spüren. Doch sobald er zu den ersten Läufen von Max Bruchs schwierigem romantischen Violinkonzert angesetzt hatte, war der junge Künstler wieder ganz bei sich, im Dialog mit seinem Instrument, und er gab sich ganz ins Spiel, fortgetragen von den romantischen Klängen, die er selber seinem Instrument entlockte. Kein herziges Wunderkind, spielte hier herunter, was ihm von seinen Lehrern eingedrillt wurde, sondern ein Geiger, der forderte, dass ernst genommen werde, was er in Tönen aussprach. Und bald war da nur noch die Musik, die auch für sein Alter eher kleine Statur wurde vergessen. Olexandr Pushkarenko schien mit seiner Musik auch körperlich zu wachsen.

Grosses Talent
 ...Olexandr Pushkarenko ist zweifellos ein sehr grosses Talent. Und er hat gar nicht so früh mit dem Geigenspiel angefangen: Erst seit fünf Jahren nimmt er Unterricht. Es in dieser Zeit schon bis zum Bruch-Konzert gebracht zu haben, ist eigentlich an sich schon sehr aussergewöhnlich. Perfekt ausgebildet ist sein Gehör, und wenn er den Bogen satt über die Saiten streicht, entsteht wunderbar reiner Gesang. Pushkarenko hat eindeutig eine romantische Seele. Da tönt er schon fast wie einer der Grossen...

...Was machte denn Olexandr Pushkarenko so sympathisch? Es war seine Offenherzigkeit im musikalischen Ausdruck. Was von Herzen kommt, ergreift die Herzen.


Klaus Schädeli




The Day newspaper, Kyiv

4 December, 2001
Rubric: Culture
Issue: №35, (2001)

Conquered Alps

...The musical part of the festival appeared to be equally rich. The performance by the National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra with the eleven-years-old virtuoso violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko...


(The Days of Ukrainian Culture in Bern, Switzerland)


 Oleksandr Pushkarenko

violinist & composer