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    Italian-based virtuoso violinist and composer Oleksandr Pushkarenko, has won numerous awards in international  and also national Italian and Ukrainian violin competitions (including "Premio Paganini", "Valsesia Musica", "Premio Nazionale delle Arti", "M. Abbado", "Genoese Talent in the World"). He graduated summa cum laude with a Master's degree in Violin  from the "Niccolò Paganini" Conservatory of Genoa. His violin teachers were Mario Trabucco (the curator of the "Cannone" - the famous N.Paganini's violin), Elisabetta Garetti, Roberto Sechi. From 2012 he studied at the Strings Academy of high specialization "Walter Stauffer" in Cremona under the guidance of the renowned violinist Salvatore Accardo. From 2018 he studies under the guidance of the renowned violinist  Massimo Quarta at Genoa Music Academy of high specialization.


   On 12 October 2019 (Columbus Day), O. Pushkarenko was awarded "Genoese Talent in the World". He has played in several European countries: Italy, Vatican City State, Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic. He started performing in public at the age of 7, at 11 he performed as a soloist with the  M.Bruch Concerto n.1 at the Kultur Casino in Bern (Switzerland), accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonia of Ukraine.   At the age of 12 he performed the big tour, as a soloist,  playing the Concerto in  E-minor by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy,  accompanied by the same orchestra.

  Continuous is his commitment in the repertoire for soloist and orchestra, which sees him in the following years still protagonist in the violin, supported by directors such as Michael Zlabinger, Gaetano D’Espinosa, Lorenzo Passerini, Mykola Dyadiura, Volodymyr Syrenko, Ovidiu Balan, Bogodar Kotorovych, Allin Vlasenko, Iosyp Sozanski etc.

   For his training, Oleksandr Pushkarenko confronts internationally renowned musicians, participating in the masterclasses held by the violinists Dora Shwarzberg, Nicola Benedetti, Julian Rachlin, Oleh Krysa, Eliano Calamaro, Marina Ghigino etc. In 2001 he took the series of lessons with the renowned violinist, conductor and teacher Tibor Varga at "École Supérieure de Musique" in Sion, Switzerland.

  Since the early age, during the studying at "M. Lysenko" special music school for gifted children (Kiev), his professor, Bogodar Kotorovych (winner of the second prize at "Premio Paganini" Competition, 1971) transmitted his love for the Genoese's Genius to his student who, not surprisingly, decided to move to Genoa.
I was interested - says Pushkarenko - to study in the homeland of Paganini to try to grasp those aspects that are still shrouded in mystery.

   On March 22, 2013 at Tursi Palace in Genoa, the absolute premiere of the variations "Sol Invictus" by O.Pushkarenko was held.
October 27, 2013 at the inauguration of the first in the history of an outdoor statue dedicated to the great composer and musician Niccolò Paganini, in San Biaggio di Val Polcevera (Genoa), he had the honor of playing his piece "Zeneise" Gran Capriccio à la Paganini, composed especially for this occasion.

  Winner of several international competitions, in 2018 he was ranked
2nd of Online-Evaluation and 5th prize winner in the 55 edition of the prestigious "Premio Paganini" International Violin Competition and 2nd place in the 34 edition of the Valsesia Musica International Competition (violin and orchestra section). In 2017 he won the Competition organized by the Italian Conservatories "XII National Prize of the Arts".

     His repertoire ranges from the Baroque to the contemporary period.  Successful recitals have passed in important international festivals with the virtuosic program for solo violin including the pieces composed by Oleksandr Pushkarenko himself: Paganini Genoa Festival (Genoa and  Savona), Accelerando Arts & Music Festival (Savona), Paganini Festival of Carro (Sdc La Spezia), Concerts at the Royal Palace (Genova), Musica al Museo (Sdc Quartetto di Milano), International Festival of Young Concertists (Castel Rigone, Umbria), “Hommage à Paganini” (Genoa), "Stradivari Memorial Day" (Museum of the Violin, Cremona), Paganini European Route (Prague, Czech Republic) etc.

It is necessary to mention performances as a soloist with the orchestra in the the Symphonic Season subscription of the Carlo Felice Opera Theatre 2012-2013, "The Ukrainian Cultural Days" in Switzerland etc.

     He has repeatedly played for television and radio of Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Ukraine.  On April 18th 2015 he participated in the RAI-2 television program "Sereno Variabile - Genova". He has participated in the television program "Il Duello" of TVP Historia (Polish TV History) as a  violinist, continuator of the Paganini traditions.

  He has collaborated with the magnificent pianists: Christian Pastorino, Valentina Messa, Giacomo Battarino, Sara Costa, Dario Bonuccelli, Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Guido Bottaro, Simone Sammicheli, Bruno Mereu, Natalia Sikorska, Anna Khmara.

He has played as a soloist with such orchestras: the Orchestra of the Carlo Felice Opera Theatre of Genoa, The  Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi of Morbegno, The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, The Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” of Bacau, Kyiv Chamber Ensemble "Contrasts Kyiv-Classic", Symphony Orchestra of Chernivtsi Philharmonic Society, Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra (UCO: originally "Kiev Soloists") etc.

    His entire performance of the Concerto n.1 op.6 by N.Paganini in the final of the 34th International Violin Competition "Valesia Musica" 2018 was recorded on the CD "Between poetry and virtuosity".
   O. Pushkarenko being a violinist and composer,  is also the author of the project of the grand monument "The Apollonian essence of the Art" and some theoretical writings dedicated to Paganini.


  Absolute Winner of the  Italian National Violin Competition "XII Premio Nazionale delle Arti",

special prize dedicated to the memory of Leonardo and Ludovica Tulli offered by the National Police Officers Association (2017),


2nd place of Online-Evaluation and 5th prize winner of the 55th International Violin Competition “Premio Paganini”,  (Genoa, Italy, 2018, member of WFIMC),


2nd prize winner at 34° International Violin Competition "Valsesia Musica", direct continuation of the Viotti-Valsesia International Competition member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation (Varallo Sesia, Italy, 2018),

Absolute winner at XXVII  International Competition of Musical Interpretation 2015, section violin and all instrumental sections (Genoa, Italy, 2015),

Winner at The Dr. Ernst Koch Foundation's International String Competition "ESTA-Student of the Year Award" (Middelfart, Denmark, 2002),


Absolute winner and honorable mention for the best interpretation at 17° National Competition of Musical  Interpretation (with the highest score possible 100/100, Valstrona (VB), Italy, 2018),

3rd prize winner at XXXI International Violin Competition "Michelangelo Abbado" (Milan, Italy, 2014),

3rd prize winner at XXVIII  International Violin Competition "Valsesia Musica", section violin and orchestra (Varallo Sesia, Italy, 2012),


                                                     Composer of

Concerto "Superbo" for violin and symphony orchestra,

"Zeneise" Gran Capriccio à la Paganini (for solo violin),

Variations "Sol Invictus" (for solo violin)...


                                                     Author of the

paganini's monument project "L'essenza apollinea dell'Arte"


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 Oleksandr Pushkarenko

violinist & composer